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Personhood North Carolina is advancing personhood strategies

Personhood North Carolina is advancing personhood to protect and defend human life and dignity. We do this through principled and practical legal strategies to restore equal protection under the law and through our Safe Cities and Counties initiative, which engages local churches and the local communities to end the attacks on human life and human dignity in their own backyard.

Our Strategies


Personhood North Carolina is a growing group of pastors, priests, and community activists who unite on the principles of personhood to advance our mission by engaging in the following strategies:


  1. Activate Christians to pray and believe God for the end of abortion.

  2. Educate the Church on the principles of personhood and our duty as Christians to align with the Word of God in our political pursuits.

  3. Advance legislative strategies that defend and protect the life and dignity of pre-born and born children.

  4. Create Safe Cities and Counties throughout the state and ultimately, make North Carolina a Sanctuary State, where every child is protected equally under the law.

  5. Work together as the Body of Christ to meet the increasing needs of broken families and those in poverty, providing not only for their physical sustenance, but also their spiritual growth and welfare.

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