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Our ultimate goal is to protect all human beings equally under the law, without exception and without compromise, through the North Carolina legislature.


For the past 50 years, pro-lifers have been focused on the national centers of power: The Supreme Court and Congress. Yet, fighting the abortion industry at these levels is akin to walking right up to Goliath and engaging him on his ground. Instead, we need to start at the state and local levels, and engage through all available, peaceful means in states, municipalities, and counties where we know the people believe in God and support equal protection for all human beings.


This is why we’re implementing Safe Cities and Counties throughout North Carolina, to not only make abortion unthinkable in our communities, but also to raise up uncompromising statesmen and women who will outlaw the killing of pre-born children in North Carolina, in defiance of the unjust ruling of Roe v. Wade.

Local laws touch upon pre-born personhood directly, from local health and building codes to child abuse prevention.  It’s time to establish the recognition of universal human personhood in these laws, and then work our way up.

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Life begins at fertilization. Our legislative efforts must acknowledge this scientific (and biblical) foundation. Yet, after almost 50 years of legalized abortion, we’ve fallen significantly short. Our legislative focus must do nothing less than affirm the inalienable right to life for all humans, at all stages, and in all circumstances, without exception. And we must protect our born children from exploitation and exposure to dangerous agendas.


Ballot initiatives are available to us in North Carolina for the passage of a Personhood Amendment to our state constitution. This effort can be very effective in raising awareness and educating people on the no-exceptions, no-compromise approach of personhood, and can force a vote on language that cannot be corrupted by legislative compromises. The personhood movement has pursued state constitutional amendments through the petition process in several states, as well as ballot measures at the city and county levels.  Local measures significantly improve the chances of passage and lower the cost of circulating petitions. 

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